Intercultural Competence / International Assignment Training

Soft Arguments - 

Acting in international networks is a soft skill just like, e.g. presentation skills or a talent in time management. How would you measure the advantage of improving that skill?

From own experiences I can list a number of situations in which I could avoid the experience of conflict or uncertainty due to my intercultural awareness. Some international project could be finished way smoother, efficient and profitable due to the intercultural know how. 


Hard Arguments - 

  • fewer circles of communication
  • saving man days in projects
  • shorter sales cycles
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • increased forecast accuracy
  • better win rates

Suitable for

  • professionals in international (virtual) project teams
    • Evaluation of your cultural strengths and potential in international networks
    • international talent development
    • international market entry
    • global sales and marketing conception and execution
    • leading international negotiations
    • international fair and congress preparation
    • reception of international guests
    • meeting etiquette
  • professionals preparing their expatriation to a host country
  • students preparing for their year abroad



  • Importance of intercultural know how
  • Impact of culture and values in a global world?
  • What is the benefit for me as a business woman/man?
  • What makes a global mind?
  • How to make sure I keep connected to my own culture?
  • Support for your integration process

Supported by iOS App/Android for mobile quick help


Describing the host culture

  • How to connect to Locals
  • How can I learn to understand Do’s and Don’ts in international networks?
  • Integration into local and international company culture
  • business etiquette in local and virtual teams (run meetings, networking, time management, priority setting)
  • Small talk
  • Build a private social life

Goal of the seminar

  • Learning how to use different cultural backgrounds as a team's strength
  • Integrate to the host culture quickly and with least possible stress
  • Learn about business ethics to support your professional success due to intercultural soft skills


Duration           2 days                  
Location Berlin or at your premises
Language German or English

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