There is one fix topic thoughout my life: I need international spirit to survive!




I used to wake up every morning, looking at two big red chinese characters, symbolizing the words „Great Dragon“. Only a street with cars but mostly bikes separated the „Great Dragon Hotel“ from Sanlitun, the district for expatriates in Beijing. My parents decided to accept an international assignment and I spent four years in a country full of contrasts to my home culture.
What did I learn? That children from diverse countries do find a mutual language to play with each other. That culture can be experienced with all senses – it feels, smells, sounds, looks and tastes different. I find my experiences with the eyes of a child as the foundation of my professional focus.

Professional background

The intercultural aspect followed me ever since. My professional career started in a multinational mid-sized company located thirty minutes from Manhattan. I continued selling training products from Dublin for Oracle, a global software company with presence in over 145 countries and over 120.000 employees worldwide. After two years the company provided the possibility to move to Berlin to work for an international team selling into cross-european accounts. After being responsible for the marketing of this team I decided to extend my experience to rather medium sized companies in Switzerland. My focus also was to drive social media adoption within Oracle as I am convinced: this is the modern way to communicate with clients and market products and services.



Globalization requires global mobility. More than 200 million people live outside their home country, facing logistical and emotional challenges.

In my role as InterNations ambassador I have been asked some questions multiple times:

  • Where can I find a tax advisor speaking english?
  • Does the telecommunication company also have the contracts in english?
  • Do you know a doctor who speaks english?
  • Why does the landlord ask me for a Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung - in my country they don't provide that?

Those are only the obvious tasks when arriving.


Additional questions come from inside us:

  • Why do they react so strong when I am ten minutes late?
  • Meetings here seem to be unstructured - why?
  • In certain situations I feel misunderstood - I would like to understand what's going on.
  • Things here are not as cool as I always thought they would be. I miss home sometimes.


I work to make international mobility easier.



The centre of my private life is Berlin, a city I love for its possibilities, international flavor and tolerance.


In my spare time I enjoy time with family and friends: get together's, Sunday brunch, sport, playing with my nephew, cinema, traveling or supporting with ideas around interior design...    

I occasionally spend time alone in which I read and prepare for the next sailing trip with my own license hopefully soon.


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