10 Things you learn as an expat child

  1. You are not worried about difficulties in communication, you just face the challenge with excitement.
  2. You meet other kids on the playground and still find a way to communicate and play together, even without speaking any mutual language.
  3. You don‘t have any hesitation to get in touch with locals.
  4. You don‘t judge and compare constantly with your home culture.
  5. You are open to new food and clothing.
  6. You catch up the new language easily and without conscious consideration or hesitation.
  7. You also remain true to your own cultural background.
  8. You find all those different traditions, human characters, attitudes less awkward, but rather interesting.
  9. You talk about your exciting adventures with no hesitation when back home.
  10. You have learnt that culture smells, tastes, looks, feels and sounds different!


…you build a foundation of meeting other cultures, and individuals, with an open mind.