Expat Relocation Services

You have chosen a wonderful city to be your next residence!


Cultics knows about the hassle of settling again, meeting new people, finding an apartment, knowing which Visa is necessary, which area to look for an apartment and many more things - we have been an expat ourselves for multiple times!


We will provide guidance and accompany you through the first steps - to leave the status of an expat and to become a local.


We offer support in:

Visa and Work Permits - everything at Ausländerbehörde

We provide support in understanding which requirements you need to follow depending on your home country, what the process is, how likely a certain application is for approval or even accompany you to the Ausländerbehörde.



New city - new coordinates. 

We are happy to provide you the first overview of Berlin - the character of a certain Kiez, sightseeing, favorite places, where to meet the people you like to be with. We also arrange pick up at the airport or station, so you feel welcome the first moment of stepping on Berlin soil.


You are not looking for a place to stay - you are looking for a neighbour, a playground, an adventure, a sport team, a bakery, a sunset, a nice evening on your balcony - a home basically.

We will understand your requirement, screen the market and pre-select a shortlist. Based on your preferences we arrange viewings. 

Our network includes temporary housing, apartments, furnished housing and real estate solutions.



We can support you with connections to headhunters, international companies and startup companies. No guarantee, but provide your criteria and we support your search.

Utilities and Maintenance

No life without internet access! Also water, energy and a mobile phone connection are helpful. We will help you select the right plan for you, review contracts or accompany any meeting you have.

Professional Services

You may stay long enough to need support with a tax advisor, a lawyer, insurances etc. We help you select a trusted solution. 


You wish your children to be raised in a bilingual kindergarden or simply wish to understand the german educational system. We select a school of excellent quality and close to your home. We also assist with after school activities, like sport teams or tutoring.


Which place to go for brunch? Which gym to train? Which parties or cultural event not to miss? Recommendations are provided by Cultics.

Social Life and Communities

Berlin is the city that offers activities for all kinds of hobbies. We recommend the right networks, events, cultural highlights, parties for you!

Understanding Germans

From expat assignments we know there is quite a common process everyone goes through. However, there are a few bits and pieces that would be easier if we would have been prepared for the endeavor more thoroughly.

A training/coaching is suitable if you relate to one or more of the following scenarios:



  • You felt overwhelmed by all the first organizational steps to be taken?
  • Hope you did not miss anything?
  • Are you still in the first hype of everything being new and exciting? Or have you already missed a few things from home?
  • Have you made the experience of feeling like people here did not really see your point to the things? 
  • Felt like a stranger sometimes?
  • Do you experience difficulties understanding Germans?



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