360° of YOU

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Suitable for

  • Manager of international teams
  • Member of international teams
  • International Account Manager
  • Account Manager in international companies
  • Project Manager



Your personality


  • Who am I, What is my character and my strength?
  • Who do I like to work with?
  • What am I good at?
  • Where do I feel challenged?
  • Which persona of me is recognizable?
  • What is my comfortable me?

Your team


  • Who do I like to work with?
  • Who challenges me in team work?
  • What role in a team do I like?
  • How to recognize other team members comfort zone.
  • How do I connect to my team?
  • Which phases of team building are we going through?

Your culture


  • Which are stereotypes and typologies of my culture?
  • How do I deal with different cultures?
  • Which cultural strength can I use in my team?
  • Which challenges arise from expatriation and repatriation?
  • What makes a global citizen?

Goal of the Workshop

Understanding for your strengths und challenges, your role within a team and your cultural character.


Duration           2 days                  
Location Berlin or at your premises
Language German or English

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