Collection of Intercultural Training Material

There are many movies and books out showing an interaction between people from different cultures, their contrary map of the world if you want. They can be a great source for anyone interested in studying or teaching intercultural communication.


Though it is not reality, they still open eyes to some differences and lead us back to real life and being more thoughtful dealing with other people - also people from the same culture.


Enjoy the inspiration and please personal message me if you can add to the list.



  • Azar Nafisi - Reading Lolita in Teheran
  • Betty Mahmoody - Not without my daughter
  • Khaled Hosseini - A thousand splendid suns


  • Almanya
  • Desert Flower
  • Hotel Rwanda
  • A fish called Wanda
  • Outsourced
  • Die weiße Massai
  • The best exotic Marigold hotel
  • Babel
  • Snow falling on cedars


  • Anna and the king
  • Dancing with Wolves
  • Spanglish
  • My big fat greek wedding
  • A fish called Wanda
  • The last Samurai
  • Not without my daughter
  • Seven years in Tibet
  • Shogun


The crossculture academy offers multiple articles and videos on how to interact interculturally, e.g. body language in China, presentations in Brazil etc. Have a closer look. 

GlobeSmart provides country specific online material like business skills, culture and customs, travel info and a comparison of your cultural profile vs other countries culture.


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