Certification to Intercultural Business Trainer/Moderator

... I enjoyed every single day!

The IBT/M ® appealed to me because I saw the possibility of completing a certification program parallel to my actual job. Stöger&Partner offered a balanced mix of intercultural foundation and a set of soft skills that I found suitable for my start into the career as a trainer.


The training concept is thought through very well and focuses on the participants‘  development. All modules are structured in a comprehensive way and ensure that everybody keeps maximum focus all the time, and individual requirements are addressed.

The Intercultural Business Communication Basics Seminar sets the foundation for the following modules by creating the awareness for intercultural challenges and therotical basics like the Iceberg Model, Cultural Dimensions a la Hofstede & Co, Culture Specifics.


The modules of „train the trainer“ and „training design“ are setup in order to transfer skills in methods as well as necessary soft skills for the trainer. During those modules a training design is created which is equivalent to an initial product, ready for the market. For me this was the biggest impact as I gained the confidence to do it successfully. The feedback from the trainer and other participants is fair, detailed and very helpful for your continued development. 

The modules of „moderation“ and „simulation“ transfer the knowledge of a successful moderator who is able to create and adjust simulation according to the business context that is needed. We have some good simulations come out of this and I am curious to see the first book written!


The trainers are passionate about IBT/M ®. The mix of participants from very different professional and cultural backgrounds and experiences is very valuable and makes an optimal learning possible. The atmosphere of the training days is extremly comfortable. I can recommend staying in the hotel with excellent service which made it possible to strictly focus on learning. 


Personally I have gained a lot: know how and confidence as a trainer, a good time and fun while learning, a network and friends. Thank you to everybody in the group for making this an unforgettable experience.

Specific thanks goes to Gary Thomas, Brigitte Speicher and Susanne Dranaz for their drive, professionality and enthusiasm and who have provided a shining example of a trainer. My expectations have been overachieved.

Thank you!


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